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november, 2020

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Project 40 Collective

is an interdisciplinary Asian Artist community based in Tkaronto. We offer publishing and exhibiting opportunities for Asian Artists, workshops to build skills and grow our craft, micro grant funding for incubator projects and social events to help build professional and creative networks.  theory-of-change

Collaborative Art Space & Platform

We believe that collaborative art builds dynamic relationships between artists across different mediums and from different walks of life. Art done collaboratively reveals a shared form of truth that is integral to community building and sustaining.

Asian Artist Community & Network

 We recognize the unique set of challenges faced by diasporic Asians in the creative fields , and desire a safe communal, mental, and emotional space where we can feel comfortable engaging with, and dialoguing about our shared and individual identities and experiences.

Critical Engagement with Culture & Ideas

We aim to develop voices and perspectives that are informed, thoughtful and purposeful. Our critical engagement with historical and contemporary culture, ideas and art feeds and shapes our art practices.We believe that our work is not produced in a bubble of neutrality. Instead, it is formed and speaks into specific contexts. We identify and critically engage those contexts, and work in solidarity to build inclusive community.

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