We’ve really enjoyed the process of collaborative art-making, and discovered that communally situated art is powerful and important.

The Col.lab Incubator is a unique flex-pathway to help build and realize art projects. The Incubator model ensures that Project 40 Collective offers artists space to develop skills, the means to gain access to resources for their vision, and support they need through mentor or communal relationships.

Here’s how it works!

The incubator runs for a maximum of one year, and offers flexible timelines for putting together your art project and producing it. Project 40 Collective platforms will promote and sell any creative products you have in mind, or help host a final showcase or event.

Funding of up to 1000CAD is offered per project budget, including a base 150CAD honorarium for each participating artist (up to two artists), money for supplies, mini honorariums for other participants, item rentals, event rentals and other costs.

Through the incubator pathway, artists will gain

  • project and time management skills
  • creative experiences and collaborative opportunities – craft feedback and editing services
  • access to production resources and suppliers
  • professional and communal networking opportunities

The incubator is designed to make intentional every part of the communal art process. Our goal is to enable Asian artists to take ownership of their projects, their crafts & disciplines, and help them apply their skills to any future projects they take on.