Why Project 40?

Project 40 was the working title of (founder) Jasmine’s first poetry attempt. It was called that because it was a sequence of 40 poems. BUT, more importantly, it marked the first time she thought it was possible that she could be a poet. In the same way, the spirit of Project 40 as a collective of artists is to make space for others to discover what is possible: that the art (any kind) inside of you is important and meaningful, and can be something you pursue as a significant part of your life.

Who counts as Asian?

We generally operate on diasporic ties to the Asian continent: South Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian, Central Asian, West Asian, Asian-Diasporic (e.g. Indo-Caribbean) & Mixed Asian. If we’ve missed something, please let us know! We are always still learning.

We work on a trust basis. Please do not identify and take up space if you merely like Asian culture but are not Asian.

Is the collective open? How can I join it?

Please email us. We are a limited organization with a small financial reach and a mandate to work with all our artists fairly. This is practically carried out in many different ways, so please reach out and we can have a transparent discussion about what is possible.

Do you only fund collaborative art?

Yes. Part of our vision is to connect artists with each other, because we believe that Asian artists battle an isolation that is complicated by historical, racial, cultural and economic pressures. We fully support art being done individually by all our artists, but our goal is to build community that can dialogue through their artwork, together.

Is LooseLeaf a different organization?

LooseLeaf is our largest collaborative art project. It’s the literary & visual arts magazine produced by Project 40 Collective, but with a much larger staff and a whole other structure!