Space-Making Participants

Jay-Marie Phillips

Known as Jay, she is a Toronto resident who grew up in Trinidad and Tobago. Her heritage stems from a Hakka Chinese background with diaspora roots in Sav la Mar, Jamaica on her maternal side. She also has Portuguese heritage from Madeira and Welch roots on her paternal side.

Jay is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and seasoned songwriter in the Toronto music scene and has worked with a myriad of underground artists. Currently, she is working on her second EP and is collaborating with others to release music on multiple platforms. She is an experienced sound engineer with education from Recording Arts Canada and offers her expertise to the Ryerson Open Mics during the regular school year.

Growing up in the Caribbean has given Jay a unique perspective on the world, other than just thinking anything short of beach weather is freezing cold. A queer trans woman who has been living in Toronto since 2014 and transitioned in 2015, Jay is diverse and empathetic towards the global climate. During the time she has lived in Toronto, Regent Park and the Yonge and Finch were places she has called home, and is well travelled within the city. Currently, she works in the midtown Eglinton area and works extensively with the community on a daily basis.

Jay hopes that her work and advocacy can provide a platform for younger generation to feel safe, comfortable and authentic within themselves, and that the journeys we take should not come at the cost of our wellbeing. She hopes to provide resources and access to the queer youth community, who are disproportionally affected by poverty and homelessness. By providing the resources to help others lift themselves, Jay hopes to bring community together and help people find their voice.


Jae Ng

Hailing from the edges of Scarborough, Jae is an artist, aspiring curator and community arts facilitator dealing with themes of intersectional queer and trans-inclusive feminism, mental illness, memory, and political nihilistic satire. They can be found travelling literally everywhere in the GTA, dancing at New Ho Queen, and wondering where the hell they left their water bottle. They will be obtaining their HBA from UofT and Diploma from Sheridan College in November 2019. Follow them on Instagram @artmancerr.



Atif Khan

Atif is currently a graduate student in Toronto. He seeks to blend artistic curation and research practice around themes of militarism, war and surveillance.






Tea Base (Duo)

Hannia Cheng is deeply interested in social practice as a means of creating agency, building capacity, and connecting people to each other. Although the majority of her work has been happening through informal connections, exploring collaborative possibilities through grassroots relationship building, she has become increasingly intentional in her growth, seeking to professionalize her work. Back in January, Hannia Cheng co-founded a DIY community art space in the basement of Chinatown Centre, called Tea Base where she now spends most of her time.





Christie Carriere is a visual artist whose work primarily comprises of figurative paintings and drawings surrounding themes of mixed Chinese Canadian identity, and the expression of identity within our media dominant culture. She is looking to expand as an artist into developing nurturing spaces for other artist, creatives, and thinkers, with a focus on expressing/discovering community and cultural identity. She has some experience working in arts management and is currently an intern at Tea Base.





Banana Peel Radio (Duo)

Banana Peel Radio is an exercise in collaborative storytelling, an attempt at surveying and building a community founded on creative forces of the Asian-Canadian writers, artists, and culture practitioners, and an earnest go at trying to put together a podcast about Asian-Canadian stories in Toronto. BPR is made by Seungwoo Baek and Grayson Lee.

Grayson Lee is a PhD student at the University of Toronto. He researches Korean digital culture industry, specializing in Korean webtoons and transnational culture. His personal interests include games, food, stories, movies, comics, webtoons, manga, anime, music, candy, cooking, baking, daydreams, martial arts, and also he has ADHD.




Seungwoo Baek is a content producer and a program manager, currently working to write his presence into the English language.