Art-Making Participants

Rowell Soller

Rowell is a 26-year-old Filipino-Canadian, multidisciplinary artist. His practice revolves around traditional painting on canvas, sculpture and murals. Through these practices, he has established a signature style of his own called, ‘Ancient Graffuturism.’

In this, he combines elements of abstract art, Manga, Calligraphy, Graffiti & Ancient Filipino Design Inspired Images & Symbols. Being a Diaspora, Rowell likes to blend his Asian heritage into his work to feel more connected with himself. His paintings, sculptures & murals supply life force and uplifting imagery. He aims to strengthen spaces & communities through his art by awakening ways in which people can feel freedom in themselves and connect to their roots instinctively.

Rowell Soller is driven by the struggle of his traumas and poverty that he grew up with. Overcoming these challenges, he has found a new self -inspired by the light and love to spread these elements through his work and daily living. Continually evolving his inner self, his work becomes affected and changes with him.

Christie Wong

Christie is an illustrator, photographer, sporadic poet and lover of cacao. In her art practice, she reaches philosophically and metaphorically in the geographies/spaces of sharp emotions and mundane living. She finds freedom in the creative experience and craves for others to pursue their creative energies. She likens home to her creative imaginations and doodles intermittently between exploring food, herself and the world. You can find her musings on Instagram @chrwonstie or her work at


Rodmund Bulaclac

Rodmund is a photographer born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. having always been comfortable being behind the lens of a camera, they explore both established and emerging technologies to manipulate and display their photos. @reallymakesyouthink







Angelo Luu

Angelo is a disabled, queer, and emerging multidisciplinary artist and performer. Their art focuses a lot around trauma, disability, and the struggle they experience living in a body that doesn’t belong to themselves. Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder, their goal is to write, perform, and share their truth in hopes of de-stigmatizing the lesser known mental health disorders that don’t get spoken about. Currently, they are working on a play, seeking new opportunities to perform, all while continuing to let the world inspire new writing pieces every day.





Kanwal Rahim

Kanwal works and plays at the intersection of theatre, sustainable community-building and meditative arts where she strives to understand how stories shape human relationships, resilience and r/evolutions.

A Pakistani-Egyptian-Emirati-Canadian, her art reflects her nomadic upbringing.  She is a graduate of Second City’s program in Improvisational Comedy and Spoken Word at OCAD.  She often weaves dance, storytelling and humour into all her artistic expressions.

Her poetry has appeared in From the Root and The Living Hyphen magazines.  She is working on her first mixed media project of poetry, dance calligraphy and photo meditations.