Lucy Fang

Lucy is a MA candidate at the Centre for Comparative Literature. She is interested in haunting, contemporary media, and postcolonial theory. Her creative work combines photography, digital illustration, writing and the GIF.






Ivan Persaud

Ivan Persaud is an emerging artist based in Toronto, Canada. His current interests take place at the intersection between diaspora and generational trauma. Crystalizing his experience working in costume and wardrobe, he aims to manifest vignettes from his turbulent upbringing through garments and textiles. He has a diploma in Fashion Design from Seneca College and is enrolled to start BA in Industrial Design at OCAD University.


Jessica Hanzelkova

Jessica Hanzelkova is a Hespeler based interdisciplinary artist. Her work lives in the intersection between performance art, posthumanism, and wearable design. Using the lenses of her own racialized and gendered identity she uses movement and artifacts to play with the performativity of boundaries in space. As an emerging artist, she is interested in combining technology and her body as an interface for liminality in an increasingly globalized world.


Michelle Tan

Michelle is a pixel-pusher, urban gardener and practitioner of almost-headstands, organizing out of the intersections of climate and food justice with Climate Justice Toronto and Usbong. A recent Singapore import, she is also interested in how immigrant resilience is grounded in the cultivation of ancestor-focused spirituality. By day, she’s a tech worker in a love-hate relationship with the industry – questioning how capital-fuelled design of technology preserves power and compounds inequity, but deeply curious about how compassionate and trauma-informed visual, experience and spatial design are used as tools of liberation.