This year, Diasporasian Futures 2 will run in partnership with TACLA (The Asian Canadian Living Archive) from July 20th to August 31st, and focus on the theme of “Memory”. Definition 2b of the Merriam Webster defines memory as “the fact or condition of being remembered”. We consider the work of art and space-making as the creation of, and power over the conditions of memory. We understand memory to refer not only the past but the future, as active ownership over the process of creation and a recontextualization infinitely evolving for a community to see itself better. Memory is both the process and the result of art and space-making, and we hope through Diasporasian Futures 2, to engage with such memory in an abundance of ways. 

What is Diasporasian Futures?

Launched in 2019, “Diasporasian Futures” aims to offer a combination of residency and incubator experiences for pan-Asian youth, with a focus on intersectional, communal, interdisciplinary, intergenerational and conversations. This incubator will host 4 participants in the art-making stream and 4 participants in the space-making stream, and culminate in a two-day digital showcase with online programming, featuring the work of all participants.

The art-making stream offers six weeks of studio time at 187 Augusta, opportunities for artists to present their work, critique peer work, and listen to guest artists/curators. Participants will gain studio experience, exercise project and deadline management, and preparation for exhibition presentations including peer critiques, drafting artist statements and installation.

Art Mediums We Accepttext-based art (writing, interdisciplinary), audio-visual and media art, image / visual arts, tactile (textile / clay / installation)

The space-making stream offers six weeks of incubator programming resources, and designated ideation and intensive sessions for and arts/community organizers and programmers to deep dive into the creative and logistical aspects of building sustainable arts initiatives. Participants will work to research and develop ideas, receiving feedback from peers and mentors.

Example Projects: Launching a space? A publication? A podcast or other curated / researched content? Want to run a reading series / group? Organizing for political and direct action? Building an education resource or network? 

We believe that creating work with intersectional frames, grounded in communal conversations is a necessary but not often-available opportunity. Running these streams as one incubator, Diasporasian Futures II aims to forge strong connections between art-makers and space-makers. Participants will also participate in crossover programming built specifically for both streams. DF Programming facilitates the maturation of artists and art organizers, offers practical skills, communal knowledge, creative relationships, and embodied and conscious space to develop those skills in tangible ways. This incubator aims to do these things in a condensed time of six weeks, making it immersive and impactful for all those involved. We believe that work imagined and nurtured from these contexts hold radical possibility in dismantling and expanding what our futures could be.

Click here to check out details from last year’s programming.
*Applicants needing accessibility support for this form are welcome to send an email to We accept verbal fill-ins of this form and/or AV recordings of the form.

Please Note:

Due to COVID19, much of DF2 programming will occur digitally. If and when social distancing guidelines are relaxed, small in-person meetings will be programmed, and Art-making stream participants will have access to studio space, with a scheduling system used to ensure folks are not all sharing space at the same time. 

This incubator is only open to pan-Asian participants.

This incubator will prioritize applicants who do not have higher education degrees or diplomas in fine art, creative writing, arts administration or cultural programming.

Attendance is mandatory for incubator programming. Please ensure you are available to attend before applying.

All participants in this incubator will receive a 600$ honorarium for completing the program.

Applications are due June 22nd, end of day (11:59PM)
All applicants will be notified by June 28th


Events for All Participants:
July 20-22: General Orientation + Intersectionality and Equity Training
Aug 5, 12, 19: Joint Stream Sessions
Aug 29-30: Diasporasian Futures Exhibition / Showcase
Aug 31: Debrief, Feedback, Next Steps 

Art-Making StreamWeek 1 (July 20-24): Orientations, Move-in and Studio Time Week 2 (July 27-31): Ideation sessions + Studio Time + Artist Presentation Talks Week 3 (August 3-7): Studio Time + Guest Artist Presentation + Joint Session Week 4 (August 10-14): Studio Time + First Group Critiques + Joint Session Week 5 (August 17-21): Studio Time + Guest Artist/Curator Presentation + Joint Session Week 6 (August 24-28): Studio Time + Second Group Critiques + Setup for Exhibition

Space-Making StreamWeek 1 (July 20-24): Orientations, Introductions, Visioning Sessions Week 2 (July 27-31): Intensive Sessions + Personal Presentations Week 3 (August 3-7): Ideation Sessions + Joint Session Week 4 (August 10-14): Check-In, Ideation Roundtable + Joint Session Week 5 (August 17-21): Consults for Exhibition Programming + Joint Session Week 6 (August 24-28): Co-Working, Ideation, Reflections + Prep for Exhibition Programming

Diasporasian Futures II is run by Project 40 Collective and TACLA, with the generous support of Artreach and the Toronto Arts Council.