What is Diasporasian Futures?

“Diasporasian Futures” aims to offer a combination of residency and incubator experiences for pan-Asian youth. This incubator will be taking 5 participants in the art-making stream, and 5 participants in the space-making stream.

The art-making stream offers a month of studio time, opportunities for artists to present their work, critique peer work, and listen to guest artists. Participants will gain experience in project management, deadline management, and preparation for exhibition presentation including peer critiques, drafting artist statements and installation.

The space-making stream offers time, resources, and designated program intensives for facilitators and arts organizers to understand the creative and logistical aspects of building sustainable arts initiatives. Participants will refine a proposal, develop visuals and a presentation to pitch their ideas to other art organizations, and build connections with other facilitators and industry elders.

Running these streams as one incubator, Diasporasian Futures aims to forge strong connections between art-makers and space-makers. We believe that creating work with intersectional frames, grounded in communal conversations is a necessary but not often-available opportunity.  “Diasporasian Futures” programming facilitates the maturation of artists and art organizers, offers practical skills, communal knowledge, creative relationships, and embodied and conscious space to develop those skills in tangible ways. This incubator aims to do all those things in a condensed time of a month, making it immersive and impactful for all those involved.

Please Note:

All programs will be run in downtown Toronto, around the Chinatown area. Tokens and partial travel reimbursements are available.

This incubator is only open to pan-Asian participants.

This incubator will prioritize applicants who do not have higher education degrees or diplomas in fine art, creative writing, arts administration or cultural programming.

Attendance is mandatory for the majority of the incubator programming. Please ensure you are available to attend before applying.

All participants in this incubator will also receive a 300$ honorarium for completing the program.

Applications are due May 31st, end of day (11:59PM)
All applicants will be notified by June 6th (11:59PM)

Events For Both Streams

General Orientation and Intersectionality and Equity Training (July 1 – 3)
Solidarities Between and Beyond Pan-Asian Communities Panel (July 15)
Diasporasian Futures Final Showcase (Aug 3)
Debrief and Program Evaluation (Aug 4)

Art-Making Stream Only

Week 1: Orientation and Studio Time (July 1 – 5)
Week 2: Individual Artist Talks (July 10, 12) + Studio Time (July 8 – 12)
Week 3: Guest Artist Talk (July 17) + Studio Time (July 15 – 19)
Week 4: Group Critiques (July 23, 25) + Guest Artist Talk (July 24) + Studio Time (July 22 – 26)
Week 5: Studio Time + Exhibition Prep (July 29 – Aug 2)

Space-Making Stream Only

Week 1: Orientation and initial visioning (July 1 – 5)
Week 2: Management Intensive (2 sessions: July 9 and 11) + Brainstorm and Studio Time (July 8 – 12)
Week 3: Community Art Partners Talk (July 17) + Funding Talk (July 19) + Roundtable Sessions (July 16, 18)
Week 4: Pitch Proposal Drafts and Consults (July 22 – 26)
Week 5: Pitch Edits + Exhibition Prep (July 29 – 2)

Diasporasian Futures is run by Project 40 Collective, with the generous support of Artreach and the Toronto Arts Council.