Project 40 first started in 2010 as form of catharsis. It was a way for me to read the present alongside the past.

At the time I was also very interested in intertwining narratives set in different chronological periods. As a result, Project 40 involved into a series of 40 poems, set in pairs.  The poems on the left follow each other vertically in one chronological timeline and the poems on the right follow each other in a different chronological timeline. The pairs however, are made of one poem from each side.

How to Read the Poems:  There are two ways to read the sequence of 40, one way is to go all the way down on the left and then come up to the right and read all the way down again. This is a chronologically correct sequence.

The other way is to begin on the right and read its left pairing, then read the next poem on the right and then its left pairing. This is a present voice speaking, with flashback.

i’m jasmine, the writings half of lov(e)scapes.

lov(e)scapes was written when I was 19 and living through my very first real heartbreak. It was the first time I felt a voice inside of me that was this strong. Coming back to look and revive the words that began my journey as a poet has been a really wonderful experience, not only in self-reflexivity, but also as an artist interpreting my own work all over again.

I hope these words in all their youth and self-absorption can resonate with your own experiences of first love and first loss.


i’m Andrew, the drawings half of lov(e)scapes.

When I was first asked to draw for lov(e)scapes I was eager and excited, but intimidated by the sheer number of illustrations I had to do. However as I went along with it, developing the characters, and the worlds they lived in, I grew an attachment to the characters, and it became important to me to express the emotions of the characters through the illustrations, and of the ‘past-speaker’ in the poetry.

Maybe through this quaint and whimsical world, you’ll be able to deeper experience the poetry and see love and life in a new, whimsical way.