Name: Space

Distinctive features: Untameable hair, and blowy silhouette fashion.

Style: Space loves freedom, comfort and versatility: loose and free clothing. You may catch her in variations of Chinese garments.

Character traits: Changeable and spontaneous, Space loves to contextualize herself according to who she’s with, what she’s doing, and the emotions of those around her.

Favourite pastime: Hugs, learning new ways to self-express, also yoga.

Favourite quote: “It’s like this with this city — you can stand on a simple corner and get taken away in all directions. Depending on the weather, it can be easy or hard. If it’s pleasant, and the pleasant is so relative, then the other languages making their way to your ears, plus the language of the air itself, which can be cold and humid or wet and hot, this all sums up into a kind of new vocabulary. No matter who you are, no matter how certain you are of it, you can’t help but feel the thrill of being someone else.”
(Dionne Brand, What We All Long For)

Name: Time

Distinctive features: Short bob and a pair of glasses.

Style: Time prefers some androgyny in her outfits. You will often see her in three piece mix and match looks with some structure.

Character Traits: Time is a little difficult to get hold of, as she mostly prefers her own company. If you do manage to catch her though, she’s a great companion regardless of what plans you might have.

Favourite pastime: Being consistent, learning new things, and self-improvement projects.

Favourite quote: “the rain falls, catching the trailing edges of net curtains which flow out of open windows like fishing nets lowered over the backs of boats, nets hung neatly between the outside and the in, keeping floundering secrets firmly hidden…”
(Jon McGregor, If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things)