Meet the Yangs: 欢迎杨家: Nainai

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the cast of our comic through these “Meet the Yangs” posts. And now, an exciting announcement! We know there hasn’t been much information about the comic itself, so here’s what to expect. Chicken Soup & Goji Berries will be released in 6 parts. All 6 chapters will be available to read online in both English and Chinese at, and you’ll find out about updates first and foremost here on the Project 40 blog.

The first release date is in one week. So get excited, and check back on JANUARY 7TH, 2017 to read the first chapter!

– Janice

「欢迎杨家」到此为止了。希望大家已经通过这系列的帖子,认识了漫画里的人物。现在,我们想给朋友们宣布更多关于「中药鸡汤」漫画的消息!「中药鸡汤」将会分为6章发布到网上。每一章的中英文都会发布在,而每推出一章时,我们都会在Project 40博客上宣布。


– 刘欣宜