Meet the Yangs 欢迎杨家: Jeannie


We’re wrapping up the introductions for the Yang kids with Jeannie, the oldest. She’s at an age of self-discovery and Jeannie probably feels a lot of pressure to fit the role of “big sister” and being a tough cookie is a big part of her identity. The truth is, like many preteens, she’s still pretty unsure of a lot! If I could tell Jeannie one thing, it’s to not give up on piano just yet. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience!

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– Naomi
中藥雞湯漫畫現在在網上有新家在。我們會繼續在Project 40這裡通報關於漫畫的新信息,也會繼續發「歡迎楊家」的帖子。請大家繼續關注我們!
– 崔米娜