Chicken Soup & Goji Berries 中药鸡汤


For the kids of the Yang family, who have spent most of their lives across the Pacific Ocean in Canada, Nainai’s arrival from China to move in with the family is a big change. From having to turn down the volume of their cartoons to being awakened by the soy milk machine at 7 AM, Jeannie, Ethan, and Cindy have much to get used to. But it’s not just the day-to-day routine that’s different now that Nainai is in their lives — there’s something different in the air, something magical.

With the support of Project 40 Collective, Chicken Soup & Goji Berries is a comic that explores the connections across languages, cultures, and generations that can exist within one Chinese-Canadian family. In the spirit of those connections, the comic code switches between English and Chinese to reflect the fluid usage of both languages in many Chinese-Canadian families such as the Yangs. It will be readable online as chapters are released, so we hope you stay tuned and are ready for a little magic!

Naomi Cui, writer
Janice Liu, illustrator

You can read the comics at


对杨家的三个孩子来说,奶奶从中国移民来加拿大一起住,是一件大事件。晶晶四岁就来到加拿大了,彦彦和欣欣是从小在加拿大长大的, 奶奶的到来带来了许多生活的改变。看电视时需要把音量降低一些、早上7点会被奶奶开豆浆机的声音吵醒……这些,孩子们都要去适应。但是杨家的五个成员将发现,奶奶的到来不但给他们的日常生活改变。自从奶奶来了以后, 整个家庭气氛都有了一种神奇的,不可思议的变化。

【中药鸡汤】是Project 40 Collective支持的一个艺术项目, 是关于一个加拿大华裔家庭的漫画故事。一家3代之间所存在的世界观、语言、文化差异,在生活中会如何表现?漫画里的人物有时候用英文表达自己,有时候用中文,有时候中文里夹英文字或英文里夹中文字,所以【中药鸡汤】里的对话自然也是中英文双语的。 我们每完成一篇的创作,都会发表在网上给大家看。希望朋友们多多留意!

崔米娜 (著)和 刘欣宜(绘)