I have a very strong bond with screenprinting and have always been fascinated by the printed image and the form of the zine. It can be handmade, D.I.Y, a physical product you can view and feel. The interplay between pages collide multiple perspectives between the writer, the artist and the viewer.

In Broken Dialogue, I help collate and stage our ideas into a vibrant and complete publication. Some writing of mine include personal quotes that relate to significant experiences in my life from a Laotian-Canadian perspective. With the help of Abby Ho and Rachel Wada I have been able to collaborate on what it means to communicate, to understand and to dialogue. All integral to the experiences of family in relation to the barriers or deployment of language between family members. It is an important step in expressing oneself – to be able to find understanding in others’ expression, where miscommunication does not necessarily mean misunderstanding.

Through trading and swapping writing and artwork throughout the pages, Broken Dialogue will be a truly collaborative and interpretive experience between three artists culminating in a playful but meditative artwork and publication.