A Crown of Little Sounds is a sonnet crown EP. Featuring seven sonnets written by Jasmine Gui interlinked (the last line of every sonnet becomes the first line of the next, making it a complete circle), set to a series of soundscapes composed by Peter Ko.

The EP is a meditation on faith and art, on forms speaking to and against each other, and on the ways art is a circular and intra-referential process. Each sonnet holds a single line of another poem by a poet that has been influential in some way on the creative process of this collaboration.

The physical zine was also modelled after the kind of lyrical insert you would get from a CD, except nowadays, CD drives are not common, so we hosted the actual tracks on Bandcamp instead.

The EP can be purchased online at $3, and is a complete listening experience that shouldn’t be interrupted.
Physical booklets + download links can be purchased as a package together for $10 on our FB store.

Special thanks to Caroline Teng for laying out the booklet, designing its spectacular cover
and creating the type for the lyrical titles.

Although the faith meditations of the EP are not representative of P40 Collective as a community, it is important for us to hold space for different world-views and perspectives. This is the beginning of a more thoughtful engagement with faith and art that we hope to continue in the new year with different faith-based artists in the pan-Asian community.

We hope that whether or not you have a faith-based perspective, you will be able to connect
with the EP’s vested interest in mapping out human experience in its ebb and flows
of isolation, commune, joy and grief.

Jasmine Gui & Peter Ko