Personal Belongings: A Photo Series

Anda with Harriet



George with Jing

Jing: “I picked George’s object because I also watched the movie as a child, and I found his story very relatable but also interesting in the way that it is different from mine. I was intrigued by how a movie / popular culture could form the bridge that helps an individual claim belonging and start taking pride in their own cultural background.”



Harriet with George



Jay with Michael



Jing with Jay



Michael with Tai



Pui with VickyPui: “From structural to free-flow, from rigid to creative, from reserve to expressive, the education system in Canada gave me a huge cultural shock.

The highly-organized Primary School student handbook on the right was the evidence of the hugely-disciplined student life of mine in Hong Kong – where all the homework and tests were listed orderly in the boxes, signatures of a parent were required every day, and teachers would check off the page twice a week.  Every morning there was a renewed obligation to mold myself to become the “ideal student”, and every night this grant objective was purposefully reminded by the required signature, as part of a well-oiled and tuned machine.

The mixed-up calendar days and homework on the left, on the other hand, displayed the influence of the Canadian schooling culture on me.  The foundations of me were still rigid and rectangular, but they were allowed to flow around loosely and formed new shapes.  Then, finally a new day – symbolized by a blank piece of rectangle paper – overruled the mixture of order and chaos, and sparked a new start in my life.

This is the story of Püi.”



Tai with Anda



Vicky with Pui


Photos by Mirae Lee.

All photo and displayed artworks © 2018 Project 40 Collective and respective artists.