Hi everyone,

For this week’s post, I have decided to give a brief reflection of the past nine months. Originally, I was supposed to write an entry for the AA experience, but the project simply grew to being one of the Monthly Takeovers. I wanted to be a good steward of this special opportunity that I have been given.

Just like my third week’s post, I planned to succeed by using the S.M.A.R.T mentality to visualize the end product. I referenced many YouTube vloggers and took note of their delivery styles, how they were presenting themselves online, and how they kept their audience’s attention. This was the first time I attempted to make a video of this calibre and knew that my skills lay elsewhere. Therefore, I asked around and assembled a creative team.

My creative team consisted of four people; Aside from myself, Joshua F. is my soundboard and editor, John D. is my video editor, and Felix A. is the composer for the music used in the videos. I connected with the ACT community and theatre department at UTSC; My mentor was Barry Freeman, and I depended on a small focus group to see how they responded to the material I was presenting. Least to say, this project was very much a collaborative work. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the support and encouragement.

Things that I would do differently:

1. Get started earlier. Brainstorming was a relatively long process because the subject matter was so broad and there were so many different things I wanted to discover and share. Nine months isn’t enough when you have full time schooling, work, and shows.

2. Be more strict with time management. With all the work that needed to be done, I felt a little overwhelmed and I believe that feeling had some influence in the tone of the work.

3. Ask for help earlier. I tend to be very proud and independent. So, I don’t ask for help until I feel way too overwhelmed. My creative team really helped carry the load and kept me sane throughout the project.

4. Be more mindful of terms used. I recognize that I cannot speak for a community as a whole and I tend to use the word “We” with not much details as to who I’m referring to. If I could do this again, I would look into ways to solidify the ideas represented.

I know there is still so much more to learn and I hope that you guys will continue to stay curious. I encourage you to get involved or stay posted with us! May you continue to find inspiration and wonder.

Warmest regards,