This week’s feature: Howie Lee

I’ve always been intrigued by the music of ancient China. For the last century, most of the music in Hong Kong, China and East Asia in general are stylistic imitations of music from the West, and personally, I’ve yet to find an artist that I’m really fond of.

It’s hard for me to research and dig in this area because my Chinese is terrible, but I’ve always wanted to sample that type of music in my work. I was introduced to Beijing producer Howie Lee in person for work and we spent a few hours sharing music and learning about his craft and the underground Chinese music community.

Check out a few of my favourite tracks from him below.

I like Howie Lee because he does what I described very well; he takes a lot of rare, unknown Chinese records and flips them in a way that’s never been done before.
Onra kind of did that before with Chinoiseries (Part 1 & 11) but nobody has taken it to the extent Howie has.



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