Introducing: Creator to Creator

Any artist can probably agree that an art medium cannot stand alone without the influence, inspiration and collaboration with another medium. As we grew in the arts scene, interacting with emerging and established artists in Toronto, we realized how creative communities are always interlocking, where writers render earth into metaphors at clay workshops, or photographers spell out powerful words at poetry slams.

Creator to Creator is an ongoing exchange in the creative community. Each month, we invite two Asian.Canadian creators to talk about their artistic process, and introduce us to their favourite Asian.Canadian creator of a different artistic medium. (Of course, we understand how picking favourites might be impossible with so many incredible creators to choose from.) For the latter section, we asked the creators to get a bit crafty with a handwritten interview, inspired by an American photographer, Todd Selby and his handwritten Q&A’s for The Selby. We hope this series will open up spaces for creators at all stages to share their creative endeavours, and will spark conversations on the increasing interconnectedness of art practices. We also hope that you will discover and learn about some incredible talents in the community.

Check back every second and fourth week of the month for new creator feature!✨

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