My love for photography started in high school.
I wanted to document my life and the beautiful moments I saw everyday in the most direct visual form – photographs, so I could look back and remind myself: what led to who I am today.

Many years have passed since I started taking pictures, and many things have changed. I made the move to come to Canada for university after high school graduation, I learnt about all the ins-and-out of theatre (for being a theatre major), I partied (of course), learned to navigate through Toronto neighborhoods, made new friends, met a man, started earning money for myself and I am soon getting married. What an incredible journey!

I’d like to think that my work is reflective of who I am. Throughout the years, my photos have gone through changes and development; my perceptions and aesthetic have changed.

Just like how I grew as a person in the past few years living abroad, my photography has also grown and matured.

When I just arrived in Canada in 2009, I documented my life with a Sony point-and-shoot camera.



In 2010,  I started to realize I was outgrowing my little Sony point-and-shoot camera, so I made a commitment to invest in a mid-range starter semi-professional camera. The quality of the photographs I was taking immediately transformed.



2011 and 2012 were exciting years in my photography journey.

My skill with a semi DSLR improved and the people around me started to notice my work.

I was excited about everything I shot. I loved them and I always wanted to share them with the world.

j8 j10 j11


j13 j14 j15 j16

2013 is the year I graduated, and I did a bit of traveling.

j17 j18

j19 j20

Since 2014 to the present, however, I’ve struggled with the work I produce.

I started shooting on a professional DSLR and developed higher expectations for myself.  With social media like Instagram becoming more active and present, I discovered a new world of photography. It is now easier to share my work to the world and to see the work of other talented photographers around the world. These talented photographers amaze me every single day, and this is where the struggle begins – I want to be just like them.

I stopped sharing photos as often as I used to, because I only wanted to share the best of the best.


j24 j25 j26j27 j28 j29

I am not sure what future holds for me. I am not sure when this “my work is not good enough” stage will end. Perhaps that is the struggle all artists suffer from time to time.

It can be frustrating, but maybe that’s the only way we can keep evolving as artists and produce better work.

– susan lee

You can find more of Susan’s photography on her Instagram!