for the haunt:

for the haunt:I. for the haunt portable, multiplicitous, adhesive ghosts of Kim Ki-taek appear, with their class-based frowning, beyond his story Parasite (2...


whitewash whitewash is a project by Jessica Hanzelkova for Diasporasian Futures II. To see the full project visit: whitewash.format.com...

Creator to Creator: Lucy Lu

"你的 hometown 没有在 outside, 只有在 inside. 如果你 inside 里面找到你的 hometown, 你在哪里都是你的 hometown." I took a photo of this phrase when I visited Da Pi Yuan exhibition....


Project 40 is an Asian Canadian Arts Collective based in Toronto, Canada that is focussed on exploring questions of identity, representation, diaspora and experiences as Asian Canadians.