2016 Col.Lab

Naomi Cui

Naomi Cui is a jack of all trades, master of none. She has a degree in Computer Science and Linguistics from the University of Toronto and can usually be found at the intersections of art, technology, language, and design. You might be able to see what she’s up to at www.nowme.ca, but no guarantees.

Naomi worked on Chicken Soup and Goji Berries.

Janice Liu
Janice Liu is an illustrator, teaching artist, and kid-at-heart. She depicts sunny worlds and characters, and her art is often inspired by the child-like tendency to make-believe. She has had a home in many cities: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and most recently, Toronto, where she attended the University of Toronto. She now lives in the beautiful Vancouver area.
You can view her work at janiceliu.com and flutterdoodle.tumblr.com.
Janice worked on Chicken Soup and Goji Berries.
Abby Ho

Abby Ho is currently studying Cross-Disciplinary: Life Studies at OCADU. Frequently trying to turn her visual thoughts into visual art, her work seeks to question how our identities are formed. Although drawing and painting are her main methods of expression, Abby likes to work in installation art to allow the viewer to also participate in the work. She wears mostly monochrome, but her work is often much more colourful.

You can view her work at abby-ho.com.

Abby worked on Broken Dialogue.

Rachel Wada

Rachel Wada is an interdisciplinary artist completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration Degree at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She utilizes drawing and painting as a mode of visual problem solving and self-expression. Besides honing her artistic practice, you can find her playing music too loud, eating too much, and not sleeping enough.

You can view her work at rwillustrations.com.

Rachel worked on Broken Dialogue.

Virakone Sonethasack

b. 1990 – Ontario, Canada
Virakone Sonethasack is a Toronto based artist working primarily in printmaking, specializing in screenprinting and lithography. He also works with photography and video.

Virakone worked on Broken Dialogue.

Jasmine Gui

Born in Singapore, and raised in three different cities, Jasmine is a freelance editor currently living in Toronto. She is an MA in English, Diaspora and Transnational Studies. Jasmine writes poetry to decolonize in thought and in speech.
Her poetry has been published by ricepaper, Hart House Review, Acta VictorianaRed Paint Hill,(parenthetical), text and more.

You can find her writing at jaziimun.com.

Jasmine worked on A Crown of Little Sounds EP.
Past Projects: lov(e)scapeslost wor(l)ds

Peter Ko

Peter was born and raised in and around the city of Toronto having grown up in a home surrounded by music. His first instrument was the pots and pans played with chopsticks. After realizing his passion for noise, his parents set him on the course to fall in love with music. Since then, he’s picked up guitar, bass, drums, piano and pretty much anything he wants to learn.

Follow Peter on Bandcamp and Soundcloud (coming soon!!)

Peter worked on A Crown of Little Sounds EP.

2015 Col.Lab

Andrew Keung

Andrew is an aspiring architect who is in love with art, design and photography, based in Toronto, Canada. He currently attends the University of Toronto as a double major in Architectural Studies and Visual Studies. If he is not in the studio, he is either out taking photos, drawing or eating.

You can view his work at andrewkeung.com.

Andrew worked on lov(e)scapes.

Grace Kwok

Grace is a political science student from Toronto, Canada. On her daily commute (to and from the dreaded suburbs) she dreams in immaculate detail while maintaining her love for minimalism. Currently, she is learning when it is okay to insert sassy commentary and when she should keep her sass to herself.

You can view her work at thebaoface.com.

Grace worked on lost wor(l)ds.

Chloe Leung

Chloe is an architecture student currently based in Toronto, Canada. Other than always dreaming of Japan and admiring its minimalism, she is constantly in search of defining her own aesthetic and taking pictures of everything around her [food, people, blooming teas…].

You can view her work at chloeleung.com.
And follow her aesthetic wanderings @koeee.

Chloe worked on lost wor(l)ds.