When Abby and I first sat down to vision for Project 40 in early 2015, we created a one-year, three-year and five-year plan full what we imagined were radical achievements, project ideas, and collective goals. In 2018, at the three-year mark, we realized we’d already done all the things we wanted to do, and much much more than that. It was a humbling moment for us to reflect on the many adventures we’d had in community, the outpouring of creativity, trust, relationship and art into the spaces we’d built, joined and uplifted. It was also a moment of reflection because we had to decide what the future looked like, what Project 40 might look like, and what that would mean for our lives.

All grassroots and community collectives negotiate the struggle for sustainability and impact. We love what we do. We are convicted of its worth. It is deeply personal, entwined with who we are as people, and the values that we have.

From its inception, Project 40 Collective was interested in people and the generative possibilities of collaborative synergy. What can a renewed communal imagination do? How far can it go? Who can it change? What can it shake? With that in mind, we decided that the future will not be about legacy, but about inheritance.

Project 40 Collective will follow its course to the five-year mark and cease all official programming operations in June 2020.

Our community has blossomed, expanded, grown, shifted and matured in all directions and ways throughout the last four years. We love and celebrate all the things that we are, and acknowledge the incredible effort, generosity, commitment and trust of all those who call Project 40 their community.

But I guess you could say we are curious about what lies beyond the P40 rhythm.

The beating heart of Project 40 is its people, which means wherever its folks are, its values persist. In that sense, it continues. We’re just dissolving the formality of our shape, and channelling our energies into all other kinds of projects, art creations, and community work. It’s an exciting and exultant goodbye.

So, given that it’s an exciting and exultant goodbye. We’re going to spend one whole year saying it. We’ve amped up this last year of programming to be inheritance; to recognize and offer all the experiences that we’ve had back to community; to receive and pour out in relationship.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come.

We’ll be storytelling and storytelling and celebrating and reflecting all year. No, really. Be prepared for a year of intense oversharing from our community.

We’re throwing a very long goodbye party. Please come be jubilant with us <3